Unleashing the Power of JavaScript: A Comprehensive Guide


JavaScript, often described as a lightweight and interpreted programming language, has become an integral part of the tech world. Designed for creating network-centric applications, JavaScript seamlessly integrates with HTML and Java, making it a versatile and indispensable tool for web developers. In this article, we’ll explore the world of JavaScript, its significance, and the reasons … Read more

Unpacking the Power of Concurrent Rendering and Features in React 18

React 18, which hit beta in November, brings forth an array of new features and enhancements that promise to reshape the way we build web applications. A standout feature is Concurrent Features, which leverages concurrent rendering to take user experiences to the next level. Demystifying Concurrency in React Concurrent rendering, a central concept in React … Read more

What is array reduce()method in JavaScript?

array reduce method in JavaScript

The array reduce() method in JavaScript, array object is designed to condense an array into a single value. It does this by applying a given function to each array element. It starting from the left and working its way to the right. Then storing the output of the function in an accumulator variable. The reduce() … Read more

How to create a Stopwatch in JavaScript?

JavaScript Stopwatch

In this article, you will be creating a small JavaScript project “StopWatch”. The stopwatch will start when the user clicks the start button and it will run every second, displaying the full clock as 00:00. This project gives you more practice with JavaScript and it is easy to build. Skills you need for JavaScript Stopwatch: HTML … Read more

What is JavaScript event ?

JavaScript event

When we browse the web, the browser registers different types of events. HTML has a set of events. These HTML events are perform on HTML elements. HTML events are the tasks that are going to happen on HTML elements. When JavaScript interacts with HTML. Then the Script can respond to these events, which are known … Read more

How to declare variable in JavaScript

In this article, Before learns about how to declare a variable in JavaScript. But before, that let’s understand some about what variable is. A variable in JavaScript is an identifier that provides a storage location used to store a data value. The data stored at a particular location in memory. That we accessed by using … Read more

What is the Console in JavaScript.

JavaScript console

JavaScript console is a tool that allows us to interact with a web page by executing JavaScript expression in the content of the page. That we used to log information associated with a web page like network requests, JavaScript security errors, etc. In JavaScript, the console object provides access to the browser’s debugging console. So … Read more