What is JQuery?

jQuery is fast, lightweight and feature-rich JavaScript library. The purpose of jQuery is to “write less, do more” which make it easy to use JavaScript on our website. It takes a lot of common tasks that require many lines of JavaScript code to do. The lines are wrap into methods that we can call with … Read more

Java program Structure

In any language we need to follow specific structure to write the program. A java program structure divided into various sections. Some of them are mandatory and some are optional. A java program contain many classes of which only one class is defines a main method. Classes contain data members and some methods that operate … Read more

How are java objects stored in memory?

The memory allocation in java for any type of object is based on the concept of ‘Dynamic Memory Allocation’. The dynamically memory allocated on the heap to objects as they created. As long as , object has a reference variable referring to it, it is safe on the heap. But if there are no references … Read more

how to compile and execute java program

In most of the programming languages, the program converts to the machine code either by using a compiler or interpreter. The machine code is machine-dependent, which can only run on the generated machine rather than other machine. In this article, we learn how to compile and execute java program. As java is a platform independent … Read more

How to declare an array in JavaScript?

JavaScript- array

In this article we going to learn, How to declare an array in JavaScript. Before this let’s understand what is an array. In JavaScript, An array is a special variable used to store multiple values at a time. An array is used when we want to store list of values under the single variable and … Read more